There is no requirement for an application to the Court of Protection to be submitted via a Solicitor, however, the need for a Deputy often arises at a time where family are busy coping with the day to day needs of the mentally incapable person.

The forms are lengthy and can be confusing particularly if the proposed Deputy does not have much knowledge of the mentally incapable person’s finances.

The application requires comprehensive and accurate information to be provided to the Court and the correct Order requested at the outset. Once the application has been issued by the Court, the procedure and time limits are very strict and must be adhered to. This can be stressful for those who are unfamiliar with what is required and the terminology. If the Order issued by the Court does not contain all of the powers the Deputy needs, a subsequent application may need to be made, incurring further costs and causing delay. 

We can take the stress out of the application by guiding you through the process, ensuring that the application is submitted correctly and that all time limits are adhered to. We can also support you in role as Deputy, both initially with the steps you need to take when the Order is issued by the Court, and thereafter in the preparation of the annual report to the Office of the Public Guardian.

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